Jeux Olympiques Paris 2024

10 details not to miss on the poster of the 2024 Olympics

The official poster for the 2024 Paris Olympics has been unveiled. It’s a creation of the artist Ugo Gattoni, marking the first time the Olympic and Paralympic Games are combined on one poster. Here are 10 details you shouldn’t miss on this poster.

Paris 2024 unveils the poster for the upcoming Olympic Games, created by the artist Ugo Gattoni. This French artist has produced two posters that come together: one for the Olympic Games and the other for the Paralympic Games. It features iconic symbols of France such as the Eiffel Tower, Marianne, the Patrouille de France, and the Arc de Triomphe. But some hidden details with a message are part of the poster… We reveal what they are!

Eight Phrygians to find

It’s no longer « Where’s Waldo? » but « where are the Phrygians? » The artist has hidden eight Phrygians, the mascots of the Games, in his posters. So, do you have an eagle eye?

The medals of the 2024 Olympics

Symbols of victory, the gold, silver, and bronze medals all have their place in Ugo Gattoni’s work. They are present with their ribbons at the Trocadéro, resting in and at the foot of a giant hand. Podiums are also seen at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

The torch of the 2024 Olympics

It will burn throughout the duration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, symbolizing the Olympic spirit that will accompany all athletes. But on the poster, it’s not yet lit. The final torchbearer is running towards it.

The marina of Marseille

Located at the top left of the poster, the marina of Marseille appears. A symbolic place that characterizes the southern French city. It will host sailing events. You can see the Banque Populaire trimaran which will transport the Flame from Brest to Guadeloupe and Martinique. Another boat is also present, the legendary three-masted Belem, the last great French sailing ship of the 19th century still in navigation. It will transport the Flame between Greece and Marseille.

The wave of Teahupoo

The surfing events take place in Tahiti, specifically in the small village of Teahupoo. Known for its gigantic waves, this mythical place for surfers is represented at the top of the poster.

An English town

If you pay attention to the background on the right side of the image, you’ll see Stoke Mandeville. It’s a town located in Buckinghamshire, west of London. This English town is considered the birthplace of the Paralympic Movement.

The Palace of Versailles

Versailles will host the equestrian events for these 2024 Olympics. It’s difficult to distinguish the famous palace because it’s not actually there. However, the prestigious royal residence is represented by the iconic landscaped garden designed by André Le Nôtre. It embodies the DNA of the palace with its famous flowerbeds, fountains, and sculptures. The whole scene is placed at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

The diving platform

Located in the foreground, the diving platform is an Olympic symbol. It bears the Olympic motto « citius, altius, fortius-communiter, » which means « faster, higher, stronger-together, » which can be read on it.

The dove of peace

Athletes and para-athletes from all nations will compete under the benevolent gaze of a dove of peace. It will ensure that conflicts on the planet do not disturb the smooth running of the events. The animal is placed on the arm of an athlete ready for the big dive.

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